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I have had a break from work for a while, initially because of the general Covid situation, and lately for other reasons. As mentioned elsewhere, I decided to leave my professional organisation, the General Chiropractic Council. They insist that those of us who choose to deregister can no longer call themselves chiropractors, despite this being our qualification.

I am happy to choose the title Spinal Health Practitioner and what I practice is now called Spinal Alignment. I was personally taught by John McTimoney and other tutors who were trained by him and had thriving practices. I qualified in December 1981 and had been in full-time practice ever since, apart from this recent break.

I really enjoy my work, offering a method of treatment which is gentle, helpful at relieving suffering and over my 40 years of experience has shown me how effective it is.

I decided to train in Traditional Acupuncture after I experienced an astonishing recovery from a serious kidney problem. I was very fortunate to train with a true master, Professor J R Worsley in Leamington Spa. He attracted students from all over the world and it was an American doctor who first told me about J R Worsley after he had qualified as an acupuncturist at the college.

I find these two main methods which I practise complement each other very well. Both systems are concerned with helping the patients to heal themselves by creating a better balance in their energy system. It is rewarding to see the inspiring results of these treatment methods. Both are holistic approaches to recovery and aim to treat each person as a whole rather than just focusing on their symptoms.

Almost all my work has come through personal recommendation by people who experienced the way I work and have enjoyed the benefits. I look forward to connecting with you, whenever you feel the need for a ‘service’.

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